Projects Available

At C-Tek we work constently and consistently on innovation and inventions to meet the Client requirements and help there busineses to run and grow with scalability and reliabllity.


Ideal for Restaurent and Bars Invoiceing using RFID / Proximity / Megnetic Strip Cards.

C-Tek POS Pro

Ideal for Large Restaurents and Bars Using KOT, Billing, TABLET order booking.

C-Tek Food Courts Pro

Ideal for Large Food Courts with Saperate Cash Counters and Billing Couters with RFID Cards

C-Tek FinAcc

Ideal for Small Compenies for Financial Accounting and Inventory Systems needs.

Ctek FinAcc Pro

Ideal For Medium Compenies For Financial and BarCode Based Inventory Requirements.


Large Compenies with Admin, Sales, Purchase, Inventories,Accouting,QA,QC etc Departments

Ctek BioPay

Complete Attendance Monitoring For Small Compenies with 10-20 Employees With Biomaterics Machine

C-Tek BioPay Pro

A Biometrics Based Attendance Monitoring and Payroll System. Ideal for Medium Compenies upto 100 Employees

C-Tek Human Resources Management

Multiple Department Multiple Biometrics with Complete HR Deparment ESI/PF/Payroll/Shifts/ Roasters Etc. for more then 100 Employees

C-Tek Smart Home and Security

Smart Home Solutions for Controling Equipment/Lights/Doors/Cameras from Mobile phone from any where in the world.

C-Tek Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation using Temprature/ Humidity / Pressure / CO2/ SO2 / Air Pollution / Smoke Detection Sensors and Smart Rellays.

C-Tek Process Automations

Industrial process Automation using Sensors / HMI / PLC / SCADA / DCS for Manufacturing Process Automation